Perhaps the endless consecutive 100+ degree days have made my brain a little mushy.

Perhaps I’m bored.

Or maybe I’m just looking for reasons to break out the old camera.

Whatever the reason, for those souls willing to brave the heat (first thing in the morning, you know, when it’s still only 85 or 90), I’m giving an insane discount on portrait sessions.

Notice that it doesn't say portraits have to be outside.


How can I afford to do this so inexpensively? Well, I’ll only be using one lens, for starters, and not renting. Two, we have to act quick before it heats up, so the session won’t go longer than 1 hour. Three, why not?

So click on the photo, go to my site, and shoot me a message. Then I might just shoot you.


Kelli and James are awesome. And I truly enjoyed being at their wedding.

Their Texas roots were on full display during their wedding at the Beaumont Ranch. Kelli’s closest girlfriends all wore boots, as did Kelli herself. And James and his buddies proudly displayed their Aggie pride.

I’ll probably be posting photos of this shindig for a while. Every time I go through the stack, I fall in love with more and more.

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Stephanie and Joe had a cool idea to have two engagement sessions.

Session number one took place at the State Fair of Texas. And session number two took place in and around Downtown Dallas. We went to Thanksgiving Square, the Dart Rail, the Dallas Museum of Art, and a few other stops.

Stephanie and Joe also had another cool idea. They brought along their sweet doggie! She might have had more fun than all of us (except when she wasn’t the center of attention, that is).

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The Rollins family welcomed a new member into their family a few months ago. So it was about time to update the ol’ family pictures.

Since the youngest Rollins family members are itty bitty, we decided to keep the shoot close to home. Literally. Besides, I love taking photos of families where they spend the most time. Not to mention, it’s easier on the kiddos (and usually the parents!).

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Jordan wanted something different for her senior pictures. Most of her friends have gone to the usual local spots, but Jordan ventured to Oak Cliff with me. So we wandered around the eclectic Bishop Arts District, drank sodas, and listened to good music.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a few hours.


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Sunday, January 16th at 2 p.m. on Ustream

This Sunday, I’m trying something new.

I’m hosting a free Q&A type of How to Use Your Camera workshop on Ustream.

I’ll be teaching the basics of how a camera works and then answering specific questions from you!

If you’ve attended a How to Use Your Camera workshop in the past, or are interested in attending (or hosting!) one in the future, check out the stream.

Sunday, January 16th

2:30 p.m. Central time

Veronica’s Camera on Ustream

Have your cameras charged and ready. See you then.

The State Fair of Texas is known for fried food, butter statues, and live shows.

It’s also a great place to take engagement photos, so I was totally excited when Stephanie and Joe wanted to shoot their first engagement session there.

We went on a Wednesday night and fought the crowds. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but we made out with some pretty awesome shots. I can’t wait until their second session. And then the wedding.

Congrats, Stephanie and Joe!


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Little known fact about me—I grew up around horses.

I’m perfectly comfortable on a saddle, around a horse trailer, and at a rodeo.

And although I live in the city now, my mom still lives out in the country surrounded by horses.

She wanted me to get some photos for her birthday (which was a few months back but we had to wait for the weather to drop below 100).

I finally got around to posting them here. And I must admit, they make me a bit nostalgic.

I’m also attempting to post these as a slideshow. I’m not really sure what that’s going to do!

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I learned photography with a very old, film-based SLR camera.

I had to meter light with a grey card. Assess the shadows and arrange reflectors to adjust the light. Then take a photo and cross my fingers.

Because I wouldn’t know what the final product looked like until later. Much later.

But that’s not the case anymore. Now, anyone can have perfect photos with the help of digital photography and PhotoShop.

A part of me thinks it’s really cool. Because film and developing is very expensive. And PhotoShop is a one-time cost.

The other part of me thinks it isn’t fair that anyone can pick up a camera, take a photo, and then fix it later. Because that photo becomes a lie.

PhotoShop is the auto tune of the photography world.

And the few of us out there who swear by taking a photo right the first time, are getting left behind.

So I’m slowly adapting. Creating unique effects for the people who want them. But only if they ask.

I worked hard to learn about photography. I should use those skills instead of fake them with my computer.


Veronica’s Camera is very excited about blogging from a phone.

Not sure when/why it’ll come in handy. But the creative wheels are spinning.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Ross. And this other photo (taken withy phone) of his art.